Ganga Fashions, a brand for over 20 years has worked towards revolutionizing the world of textiles.

Established in 1990, as primarily an export company with our collection reaching out to Asians across London, Indonesia, and Dubai to name a few. Around 2007 we ventured into the local markets pan India. At Ganga Fashions, we have always taken pride in the use of our rich heritage and culture. A constant source of inspiration, we immaculately blended this with contemporary design philosophy to reach out to many hearts. Our constant innovation in this field along with meticulous details towards crafts and comfort has been the hallmark. The use of new fabrics, along with customized client requirements has given the brand a local and global feel. The use of choicest fabrics printing and stretching helps us curate collections with great appeal.

As our family continues to grow at Ganga Fashions, we constantly strive to create contemporary and ethnic fashion and strive to deliver the best.