How To Style Cotton Co-ord Sets for Any Occasion?

Despite plenty of outfit options available these days like Jumpsuits, Palazos, Croup tops, and tunics, it is the cotton co ord set that is emerging as the powerful trend these days and has become a staple in every women’s wardrobe.

Cotton co ords have become the statement outfit that can be worn up or down. The biggest advantage of a cotton co ord set is that you can wear these to any occasion as these are super comfortable and versatile and make you look stylish as well.

But do you know what? The biggest struggle associated with co ord outfits is about how to style them perfectly. It is not only about buying the right and classy co ord set but also about carrying it well.

Fortunately, we have got some tips for you to style your cotton co ord set like a pro. Let’s figure out how to style co ord in the post outlined below to make you look great.

What Is A Cotton Co ord Set?

A cotton co ord set is a two-piece outfit with a top and bottom meant to be worn together. Whether you are heading out for a night out or looking for a casual daily routine, a cotton co ord set is all that you need.

Cotton co ords are ideal for nearly every occasion and eliminates the guesswork of putting an outfit together as these come with matching top and bottom.

Why Are Cotton Co ord Sets Popular?

Without any doubt, the cotton co ord sets have gained immense popularity in recent years and continue to stay in trend no matter what. But do you know what are the reasons behind the popularity of the co ord set?

Here are the reasons why cotton co ord sets are emerging as the popular outfit:

Cool and comfortable

Fashionable clothing is often associated with discomfort but not anymore now. The cotton co ord set is not only fashionable but also keeps you comfortable and cool throughout the day. The soft and breathable cotton fabric used in its making is what gives you a relaxed fit and enhances your appearance.

Effortless style

Cotton co ord outfits take out the guesswork on how to style different outfits as co ord sets are already put together. Above all, these are easy to wear and style to create the perfect outfit and make you look great. Consequently, this is another reason why women are going crazy over the cotton co ord sets.


The next reason behind the increasing popularity of Cotton co ord sets is because these are versatile. With plenty of designs, patterns, and fabrics available in co ord sets, the co ord set tends to suit everyone. From casual to special events, the co ord sets are perfect for almost every occasion.

Co ord Sets for Different Occasions

Selecting the right Co Ord Set For Women for an office or a special celebration can be challenging for many women out there. Consequently, we have handpicked some of the popular cotton co ord sets for you. Here you go:

For the Office

Mustard cotton woven embroidered kurta with cotton bottom

If you are a working woman and looking out for cotton co ords that you can wear to your office, then our Mustard cotton woven embroidered kurta with cotton bottom is the one for you. This co ord set will not only keep you comfortable throughout the day but will also elevate your looks. Shop this now at Rs. 3560 only.

For a special celebration

Are you looking out for a special outfit to wear at your special celebration? Our Green Sand Embroidered Sleeve Kurta Set is the one for you. The sand silk co ord set is made by using silk texture and has tropical embroidery on it. From S to XXXL, we have every size available to us. Get this for only Rs. 3200.

For a casual weekend

Chilling out on weekends without a superb outfit is a big no. Why not rock the weekend in our powder blue woven kurta with printed cotton bottoms? Wearing this co ord set will make you feel comfortable and keep the style quotient on. Grab this at Just Rs. 3450 and let people wonder.

For travel

With long hours of sitting when travelling, the most obvious concern for women is wearing comfortable outfits. Fortunately, no other outfit is as comfortable and ideal for travel other than our Maroon and Off white woven loose-fit kurta with cotton satin bottom. The kurta being free size and loose fit keeps the discomfort at bay. Visit our website now to buy this at only Rs. 3150.

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How To Style Cotton Co ord Sets?

Buying the comfortable and classic cotton co ord set does not get the job done. You also need to carry and style it well to look exactly the way you imagined. Your search for How to style

co ord ends here. Follow the tips outlined below to style your cotton co ord sets like a pro.

  • Wear your co ord set with a pair of heels to glam up your special occasion.
  • Try out different top and bottom combinations when going out on a trip.
  • Take note of occasion and personal style when choosing colours.
  • You can also layer it up with a cardigan or a denim jacket whichever goes well with your chosen co ord set.
  • Opt for the right jewellery such as a statement belt.

Cotton Co ord Sets: The Sustainable Fashion Option

Cotton co ord sets are emerging as a sustainable fashion option because of their durability, longevity, versatility, and timeless style. The ability to wear these on nearly all occasions is another advantage of choosing Ganga Fashions cotton co ord sets over other outfits. Keep these tips in mind and style the co ord set the way you like.

FAQ’s of Cotton Co-ord Sets

What are cotton co-ord sets?

Cotton co-ord sets are two or more pieces of clothing that are made from the same fabric and are meant to be worn together. They are typically made from cotton, but they can also be made from other natural fibers, such as linen or hemp.

Why are cotton co-ord sets a sustainable fashion option?

Cotton co-ord sets are a sustainable fashion option because cotton is a renewable resource. Cotton can be grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides, and it is a relatively water-efficient crop.

Can I mix and match co-ord set pieces with other clothing items?

Usually, cotton co ord sets come in matching tops and bottoms but if you want, then you can also mix and match cotton co ord sets to create a unique look. Also, layer it up and choose the right accessories to complete the look.

Can I wear a cotton co-ord set for workouts or exercise?

The cotton co ord set can be worn while doing light exercise or low-impact activities. But care must be taken while choosing the co ord set for workouts such as cotton fabric, and durable materials.

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